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Reggaeton Remix

Four original commissioned works by Jessica Lurie, Seth Bedford, Kimberly Osberg and Manuel Ciordia inspired by the rhythms of Latin Reggaeton music.

Big Screen/Small Screen

A highly entertaining, youth-oriented program consisting of Percussia's arrangements of video game music from screens of all sizes including video game themes (Mario, Zelda, Guitar Hero and World of Warcraft), ringtones, TV and movie themes and podcast soundtracks.

Drums Around the World

A program for percussion quartet that travels the globe, performing rhythms on percussion instruments from around the world. This program is especially suitable for school and library performances. Watch the video here.

Music for Strings, Percussion and Piano

A collaborative program with guest artists on piano and violin, this program features music by James Myers, Alan Hovhanes, Bill Douglas, Bob Becker, Henry Cowell and Mark Mellits.

Roots of Rhythm

A showcase of the music of the Ugandan composer Justinian Tamasuza, presented in partnership with the Trans World Performing Arts Ensemble, a group of traditional Ugandan musicians & dancers based in the Bronx.

Inspired by Gamelan

This program is comprised entirely of works influenced by the amazing gong- and percussion-based gamelan orchestras from Indonesia’s islands of Java and Bali. This program features works by Colin McPhee, Gareth Farr, Steve Reich, Claude Vivier and Matthew Welch.

Duos and Trios___________

In addition to the full ensemble, Percussia will often break into duos and trios. Perfect for smaller budgets.

Good, Clean Fun (Harp & Percussion Duo or Trio)

This program is for celtic harp and small percussion instruments. The percussion instruments include orff xylophone (children’s xylophone), rice bowls, Chinese cymbals. This entire program fits in a shopping cart, and we performed this program in our Good Clean Fun program in the Jackson Heights Laundromat. Of course we can also perform a program for full-size harp and a battery of percussion instruments.

Voice and Percussion

This is a program for classical soprano vocalist and percussion. It includes a number of lyrical pieces for marimba and soprano. The featured soprano is the acclaimed operatic soprano Melissa Fogarty.

Flute and Percussion (Duo or Trio)

This program includes classic works for flute and percussion or marimba, includes many accessible and audience-friendly works from the 20th and 21st centuries, including Lou Harrison, Gareth Farr and Wang Jie.

Thundering Drums (Percussion Duo)

There are many rhythmically exciting works for 2 percussionists and 2 marimbas, including Steve Reich’s famous and hypnotic Nagoya Marimbas, Daniel Levita’s duos for non-specified instruments, and Johanna Beyer.

World Premieres___________

Carlo Nicolau: Espejismos (2015)
Jessica Lurie: When Chance Meets Necessity (2013)
Seth Bedford: Queens Serenade (2013)
Manuel Ciordia: Sancochon (2013)
Kimberly Osberg: Defined by Darkness (2013)
Seth Bedford: A Year in New York (2011)
Angelica Négron: Was I the Same When I Woke Up This Morning? (2011)
Matthew Welch: Variasi Ombak (2008)
Dennis Tobenski: Starfish at Pescadero (2009)
Calliope: The Muse of Eloquence by George Cork Maul (2007)
Marga Richter: Serenade (2007)
Demetrius Spaneas: Evocation 1 by (2006)
Charles Griffin: Kusanganisa by (2005)
Charles Griffin: Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle (2003)