PS 69 Residency


Percussia offers a variety of musical programs suited for school performances, as well as percussion-based residencies for students.



Musical Program for Schools

Drums Around the World

Sit back and let the musicians of Percussia take you on a musical journey using percussion instruments, chants and rhythms from all over the world. With stops in Brazil, West Africa, India, Cuba and China, this high-octane, engaging program deepens students’ knowledge of geography, global cultures, and their music. Students become active participants in the show by clapping rhythms, singing songs and even participating in a Chinese Lion Dance. Percussia would be thrilled to join you at your next assembly and kick off our trip with our signature samba parade.

Drums Around the World YouTube Video
Drums Around the World Brochure Front
Drums Around the World Brochure Inside
Link to program on Eastern Suffolk BOCES
Link to program on Nassau BOCES

Video Game Music

A highly entertaining, youth-oriented program consisting of Percussia's arrangements of video game music from games such as Mario, Legend of Zelda, Guitar Hero and World of Warcraft.


Educational Residency Programs

Drums Around the World in the Classroom

Learn some of the repertoire from our Drums Around the World program. Students learn to play rhythms from Ghana, Cuba, India and China.

African Drum Workshop

Students learn rhythms, songs and dances from various African countries.