Percussia's signature sound is created through the marriage of lyrical melodic instruments (flute, viola and harp) with a variety of percussion instruments.

Percussia is based in New York City's vibrant, culturally diverse neighborhood of Jackson Heights, Queens. Percussia seeks to honor and reflect this cultural richness through the music they play.

While rooted in the modern classical tradition, Percussia plays music that incorporates a wide variety of influences, from world music to elements of pop culture. Their one-of-a-kind body of work includes numerous world premiere commissions, as well as original arrangements by the group's members. Percussia's repertoire is sophisticated enough to delight seasoned chamber-music lovers, yet accessible enough to appeal to non-traditional audiences.

Percussia has performed in community-based settings-- libraries, churches, yoga retreats and laundromats-- and at more traditional chamber music settings, such as the DiMenna Center for Classical Music, Drew University and St. John's University. Percussia also performs an annual concert at the beautiful Saint Mark's Episcopal Church in Jackson Heights Historic District.

Percussia's members are: Ingrid Gordon (Artistic Director and percussion), Susan Jolles (harp), Margaret Lancaster (flute), Lev 'Ljova' Zhurbin (viola) and Frank Cassara (percussion).

Percussia occasionally collaborates with guest musicians to expand their sound. Past guests artists include Nurit Pacht (violin), James Myers (piano), Pascal Archer (clarinet), Anna Urrey (flute), Karen Ritscher (viola), and Melissa Fogarty (soprano) and percussionists Bill Ruyle, Mike Lunoe and John Ostrowski.

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